UW Dawg Pound Roundtable: The Big Recruiting Week

As of now Washington is expected to have 19 official visitors next week, including 17 who are not currently busy. Given that under Petersen / Lake the goal was to make the last December weekend before signing day the main visit weekend, this is almost certainly the biggest summer recruiting week in a long time. If we ended up looking back in a month when the next dead period ends, what would you need to see to have considered this week a success? Is there a series of commitments that you think Washington needs to land in the next month, a position that needs to be represented or a specific recruit that is a top priority for you?


Aaron Sieverkropp: Interesting question. With how many visitors and the importance of some of the visitors, I expect UW to have filled half of its class by the end of July.

As much as I’d like to see it as a success, I’d say they have to add a QB, Johnson or Kienholz, and they have to keep both Banuelos and Hatchett at home. Based on the emphasis the coaching staff has placed on June, we also need to land some of our highest rated recruits we’re introducing (CB Crawford and OT Jackett as examples).

I don’t expect them all to land, but if they brought more than 14 guys this weekend and landed 1 it would be a disappointment (I think a 30% success rate is fair).

Recruit No. 1 to land this week IMO is Elimneous Davis as almost all other defensive tackles are off the scoreboard. I’ve already talked about a QB, which means they have to hit Kienholz or Johnson

Max Vrooman: I agree that QB and DT are the 2 most important and that Davis and Kienholz are the 2 most likely candidates at each point, which means they are extremely important. The coaching staff offered 13 defensive linemen who have so far weighed at least 260 pounds in this class. 5 of them are already committed, including 3 in USC / Oregon. Davis is the only one to make an official visit and as a result it seems like the best bet even though he’s from Minnesota.

All the buzz seems to point to Avery Johnson staying home in Kansas State, which leaves Keinholz as the last standing of the 5 QBs UW has apparently pursued with real intent. Given that UW didn’t land someone like Josh Wood in the 2022 class, it wouldn’t look good for DeBoer to be an offensive innovator and completely sniff out all of his QB goals and forced to start over in the fall. Not a death knell, but not a good omen.

I think the coaching staff would be fine from an aesthetic point of view if only one of the Banuelos / Hatchett came along, provided we only catch one guard in the class as they look like quite similar players / talents. It would also be nice to end up with a 4-star lens from this group like Maliki Crawford or Anthony James.

Overall, if this class ends up looking like a hit, they need to bring in at least 7 official visitors this weekend who haven’t already committed. If we look back at the end of July and UW got engagements from a grouping like this, I would feel good about where we are: QB Kienholz, WR Lyons, TE Bowers or Sadiq, OL Banuelos or Hatchett, OL Bakalenko or Jackett, DL Davis, LB Johnson or Whitney, CB Crawford or Bryant.


* Among those responses, Banuelos just took UW out of contention and canceled his official visit, so things got off to a great start.

** And then Bakalenko also canceled his visit. More great news …

Collin O’Meara: Clearly not an OKG (sarcastic character)

Of course, DeBoer’s message of “you’d rather do 6 digits in college, or 8 digits in pros” won’t resonate with everyone. (I have no evidence that DeBoer said or even thought this)

Andrea Berg: Obviously, the news about Banuelos and Bakalenko is bad, but even from the discussion earlier in the week, it’s not a destiny for the entire recruiting class, and I hope we start hearing much better news coming out of our big weekend in visit.

Fortunately, both players were in positions where we had some depth or options in our recruiting profile. If we end up with Hatchett in iOL and Jackett in OT, that’s a pretty good pair of offensive linemen to build on. We might still want another development perspective, but if we’re still able to nail an internal and an external lineman, this class can still be part of a great O-line in the future.

I had two general thoughts regarding this weekend of the week and they haven’t changed much. First, I hope this visiting weekend will help us fill our classroom by over 50% by the end of the summer. If we can get up to 10-12 verbal engagements by the start of the fall camp, we should be able to close strong.

Second, I want you this weekend to help us block a QB. As Aaron and Max have clearly stated earlier, we need a fundamental QB that DeBoer and the rest of the staff love to build on along the way. If it’s Kleinholz, I’ll trust their judgment and see what they can do with him. What I don’t want is for them to sniff every QB they want and take a compromise option with little chance of success.

The only thing that has changed over the course of the week is that there is now more pressure and less room for error on OL’s recruiting. Instead of saying “we have to take two guys from this list if 4+ guys”, we now have very specific goals and we have to close them. Add it as requirement number three for this weekend to be a success.

Coach B: I think I’m in the same boat as Andrew. We need to secure a QB and linemen on both sides of the ball. We have options on all 3 positions already on the roster in the short term, but they are definitely positions that need to be replenished every year. Linemen in many cases lay the foundations of a team, so it is imperative that we can continue to add depth of quality.

Davis is a priority at DT and James and Wilson are still in the game to varying degrees. This is a solid hypothetical DL class. OL looks tighter now with Banuelos out of the way, but there are still a few options out there like Hatchett.

Andrew: Yes, I agree with Davis. I haven’t specifically mentioned it here, but we’ve discussed it previously and I desperately want my mom’s HS boy to come play for us. I would be happy to meet him to discuss the Fargo-Moorhead -> UW pipeline. My friends Jordan and Scott, me and Elinneus Davis ??

Coach B: Overall, I think we have to block half of our class by the end of the summer and in particular half of our line class and a QB.

On the QB front, obviously Johnson and Kienholz are at the top of the scoreboard, but we should also continue to look for alternative high-rise options that we could put back on the roster as guys with depth of development. One guy I really like with a PWO offer is Oregon City’s Camdyn Stiegler. A handsome talent who is about to become a boy with a scholarship. I might see him get an offer in the fall if we delete our current options.

Andrew: Counterpoint- As a UW blogger, I don’t want to spend the next five years double-checking the vowels in “Camdyn Stiegler”.

Maximum: Ah yes, you mean instead of trying to spell Kienholz correctly. (we have managed to put kei instead of kie almost every time and have edited before posting).

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