The Warriors should choose Jake LaRavia in the 2022 NBA Draft

Warriors CEO Bob Myers had his bare feet on the famous parquet floor of Boston’s TD Garden.

Champions can do such a thing.

I spotted Myers on the other side of the field, following the Warriors’ Game 6 victory in the 2022 NBA Finals, their fourth league victory in eight years. I had to make a comment about his stunning. He was wearing a t-shirt and running shorts and, again, no shoes. Sitting on the Warriors bench, talking to another reporter, he was holding a golden goblet and a bottle of champagne filled with Michelob Ultra.

Yet, in that moment of ultimate satisfaction, his mind went elsewhere:

The NBA Draft.

It was less than a week away.

The Warriors have a lot of draft practice when celebrating a title win. During the peak of the dynastic years, they once held a draft training session on the morning of their parade in Oakland. (Maybe that’s why they enlisted Jacob Evans …)

And Myers couldn’t help but laugh at the circumstance. This was a champagne problem – or perhaps a Michelob Ultra problem – but a problem nonetheless. Other teams have been concentrating on the draft for weeks, if not months. There are a lot of people working on the draft for the Warriors all year round, but the Dubs would only have a few days where the entire front office and heads of the coaching staff would be put together on the same thing.

And let’s be real, some of those heads would be hangover.

So Myers told me, right there on the floor in Boston: “Who would you like to draft?”

Bob, I thought you’d never ask me.

I’ve been playing fantasy GM for years. This was my moment.

So I told the Warriors decision maker (and Deputy CEO Kirk Lacob, who was standing next to me) what I’m going to tell you now:

“Get the kid out of Wake Forest, Jake LaRavia.”

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