The bulls take Arizona PG Dalen Terry with the 18th pick of the NBA Draft

Dalen Terry’s wingspan measured just under 7 ft-1 at the combine design.

Not bad for a 6-7 guard.

And it’s still not as impressive as his confidence measured.

This was a key piece that impressed several teams that interviewed the Arizona product over the past month, with the Bulls making it the number 18 pick overall in the first round of Thursday’s NBA Draft.

On landing Terry, executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas & Co, not only gets an athletic defender who on paper can protect one to four, but also a player who attacks the hoop on the offensive end with his ability to cut and move without basketball.

All this will show itself over time.

What mattered to the excitable Terry was to show that his new team was his “grit”.

Not only did he guarantee that the front offices who sold him will feel foolish when the experts explore reformulations 10 years from now, but he was taking the names of the 17 players selected before him.

“Yes sir, I already remember everyone,” Terry said. “Like, yes, trust me, I get it.”

Good to know why the Bulls need a little more head start for them.

That was one of the recurring storylines throughout the season: too many choir boys, not enough “dawgs”.

Terry seemed like a guy willing to change things.

“My defense, my versatility will come immediately,” he said of his game when discussing his strengths. “My energy, my leadership, everything, my drive, all those things that make me who I am will keep me in this position starting tomorrow.”

The red flags on why did it drop to number 18? Look no further than his basketball score, or the lack of him.

Terry was not great from three points – an area the Bulls really need to improve on – and at times seemingly very passive on the offensive end.

He had an explanation. Obviously the talkative nineteen did.

“My shots off the ball,” said Terry, when asked about an area he needed to improve on. But he also promised he was better than people thought, and the reason he sometimes seemed passive was because that was what he was being asked for in the Arizona system.

Defend and pass the ball.

“I’ve worked on it [my shooting], but I can only tell you so much, ” Terry said. “You have to see it.”

The Bulls will be back shortly, with Terry expected in town over the weekend.

And while Terry was the choice, that didn’t mean the Bulls weren’t busy exploring the business landscape. According to general manager Marc Eversley, the team was busy behind the scenes during the 24 hours leading up to the draft, exploring options for going up or down in a draft that had a very equal landscape after the top three picks.

However, that’s not the only news Eversley dropped.

When asked about unlimited free agent Zach LaVine, Eversley reiterated the same message from the end-of-season interviews that the organization had “every intention of bringing him back”.

Asked if that meant giving LaVine a maximum contract, the GM replied, “I think we’re ready to do what it takes to get Zach back into the fold and be a Chicago Bull.”

As for the other news from the draft, Paolo Banchero went to number 1 in the Magic, while Oklahoma City grabbed the 7-foot unicorn that is Chet Holmgren. Jabari Smith Jr. went to number 3 of the Houston Rockets.

After the top three went off the board, all bets were void, as Thunder and Pistons made big swings with trades, as OKC acquired Ousmane Dieng from the Knicks at number 11, while Detroit acquired Jalen Duren from Charlotte at 13.

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