The Buckeyes continue to dominate on the track, the goal in the state setting the date of the engagement

Brian Hartline has been absolutely freaked out when it comes to recruiting success, and this week has been nothing short of amazing not just for Ohio State fans, but for virtually any college fan. After having obtained three top 10 nationally classified receivers within 72 hours, the last of which Noah Rogers – there’s nothing else you can say other than “wow”.

With the Buckeyes having their biggest recruiting weekend of the summer in just 48 hours, staff are looking to maintain momentum in the 2023 class and beyond. Having so many top goals and elite national recruits on campus for the next couple of days is a great opportunity to keep up with the rest of this week and hope more guys join the fold.

What once looked like a slightly slower class of 2023 in terms of commitments has completely reversed its course and now appears to be already among the top classes in the country when all is said and done. Currently, Ohio State is comfortably second best in the 247Sports rankings with just 13 guys stuck and many more places still up for grabs.

Hartline’s Triple Threat

Brian Hartline’s heroic efforts this week are worth taking another look at. The landing company on Monday Carnell Tate was enough to increase the fan base, but the addition of Tuesday’s Brandon Inniss he really took things over the top and left the recruiting of followers everywhere more than impressed with what’s going on in Columbus, especially on the offensive side of the ball in the catcher position

Third engagement on Wednesday in three days, albeit thanks to Rogers gave the feeling that this momentum wasn’t even real, but nevertheless, the state of Ohio has now garnered three top 10 receivers who are also each of the top 50 overall recruits for the 247Sports Composite.

An unprecedented week, not enough positive things can be said about Hartline and his efforts on the track, but the players themselves have also made it clear that assistant Keenan Bailey also deserves great credit for the recruiting success that Ohio State is doing. having with these players. His connections to Florida have certainly helped him form a strong bond with the handful of Florida natives who commit.

Having accomplished all of their major goals in their recruiting sheet at the position, Hartline and Ohio State have done more than just a job well done. Classes that have been stacked on top of each other boast a ridiculous amount of talent, and it’s safe to say that Ryan Day’s quarterback recruiting with the help of Corey Dennis and Hartline’s receiver recruiting with the help of Bailey must create some of the best successful recipes the Buckeyes have ever seen in attack.

The internal target in the state sets the date of the commitment

One of the most exciting things about the summer months is the camp season and seeing potential clients earn great deals from the schools that are often their “dream” to attend. This June was no different, as coaches spent a lot of time evaluating players in the current class and future cycles. In or out of the state, there have been a ton of new talent uncovered and even a few cases of guys who were already on Ohio State’s radar, but the performance of the camp put it above in terms of earning a bid. .

One target in the state in particular that benefited from a stellar camp circuit this June was a native of Cincinnati, Jermaine Mathews. The Winton Woods product had no shortage of offers prior to camping in early June, but impressing on the field and in person, Ohio State’s offering was not just something he wanted to earn, but was what he received completely based on his hard work.

When a state boy receives an offer in the state of Ohio, it is assumed that most of the time he will take advantage of it and join the class. In this case, Mathews fits that bill and yesterday used his Twitter account to not only post a list of six schools still in play for his services, but also to announce his scheduled engagement date. July 1.

Player No. 373 nationwide, Mathews is the 24th best athlete in the class and the ninth best player in Ohio by 247 Sports Composite votes for the 2023 class. A corner to the next level, Mathews has Penn State, Oklahoma, Jackson State, LSU, Cincinnati and Ohio State still running for his commitment.

Since his offer and his time in Columbus, many have anchored him to end up in the state of Ohio, and his July 1 decision won’t keep us waiting long. It won’t be a surprise at all to see the Buckeyes add another home defensive to the 2023 class in just over a week.

Quick shots

  • In an absolutely cold-blooded move, the current Ohio State receiver is committed Bryson Rodgers shared his interaction with Michigan assistant manager Ron Bellamy via Twitter last night. Bellamy was clearly trying to get in touch with Rodgers and was probably trying to get him to understand that the Buckeyes already have too many receivers and he should consider looking elsewhere again. Rodgers resolved that conversation with a simple “go bucks” and made it very clear that he wouldn’t welcome any team up north.

Safe to say this guy is locked up and ready to be a Buckeye. Take that, TTUN.

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