The Mets leave the first series of the season with a defeat against the Mariners

The number of MLB teams that have not lost a series this season was reduced to zero on Sunday. In this case the Mets were largely cooked from their bullpen, but another hit in the ninth inning could have excused him in an 8-7 defeat to the Mariners at Citi Field. The Mets have almost … Read more

The Mets have their first taste of difficulties since the start of 2022

There were 38,476 people inside Citi Field on a postcard afternoon and they knew – they just knew – how it would turn out. The Mets had entered the bottom of the ninth position under 8-5 to the Mariners. It was now 8-7. There was one outside. The draw and victory points were in scoring … Read more

Patrick Mazeika’s magic returns when the Mets beat the Mariners

Almost exactly a year later, Patrick Mazeika’s magic is back. Unlike last May, when he hit a couple of winger picks in a span of five days, Mazeika’s winning streak for the Mets on Saturday night left the infield – and in style. Immediately after the Mets bullpen struck a three-point lead, the recently called … Read more

For Buck Showalter, the Mariners represent everything that could have been

Buck Showalter was carrying a mushroom bat as he urgently walked into his step and a do not disturb look in the eye, heading for the bench tunnel that would lead him to another encounter before another series. Yes, it was just another game with an American League team in a National League park on … Read more