SBN Reacts: Miami Heat Fans Prefer to Trade Choice No. 27 with the veteran

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On Wednesday we asked you fans a couple of questions about what the Miami Heat should do with pick no. 27 of the NBA 2022 Draft.

Let’s move on to the survey results!

Sai Baba’s Nation reacts

Of the four options allotted for what the Heat should do with their first-round pick, 49 percent of Heat fans prefer to trade in pick # 1. 27 with a veteran. Potential names could include, but are not limited to: Harrison Barnes, John Collins, Donovan Mitchell, Alec Burks, Bradley Beal, etc.

If Miami were walking a veteran, however, it would have to pack the No. 27 with another choice and / or player. It could be any of their future picks available for round one, plus Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, Gabe Vincent, Max Strus, or Omer Yurtseven, among others.

Hypothetically, if a Heat player was hypothetically moved for a veteran, there was an overwhelming No. 1 for those Heat fans thought Pat Riley would most likely trade in:

Sai Baba’s Nation reacts

Nearly 85 percent of respondents (!!!) believe Duncan Robinson, set to earn $ 16.9 million next season, would be moved if a nighttime swap for a veteran occurred. Given Robinson’s contract to the rest of the team, it makes sense: he’s the only Heat player not named Kyle Lowry, Bam Adebayo, or Jimmy Butler to make more than $ 6 million.

If Miami were to trade Robinson and number 27, at the very least, they would be in a precarious position to acquire the “big fish” if they still wanted it. Robinson is Miami’s only so-called “salary-filler” contract ($ 10-20 million) and would theoretically be used as a money matcher in a larger transaction. If they are willing to overturn the commercial returnee (assuming it had similar success in the ’22 -23 ‘border) or part with Lowry – he is expected to earn $ 28.3 million in 2022-23 – then the acquisition of the “big fish” it would still be feasible. Otherwise, it’s anything but a pipe dream.

The player who selected number 27 overall is expected to earn around $ 1.84 million in his first season, for RealGM. The player can, however, sign between 80 and 120 percent of the straight, which means that choice no. 27 can earn anywhere between $ 1.47 million and $ 2.21 as a rookie. While it would be a marginal financial dent in an exchange, the No. 27 could also hypothetically be traded as an additional salary in a broader agreement.

Greg Sylvander’s heat insider Sports network of the five reasons Thursday reported that the Heat had “explored” trading for a first round pick in 2025 and 2026 plus an additional second round pick tonight, which was not an option in the poll above. Although Sylvander cited that “only a handful” of potential customers would keep them in their No. 27.

Anything can happen, of course. But in short: it is very likely that the Heat trade n. 27 – up, down or close – before or during tonight’s draft. And depending on how it’s moved, it could go at the expense of a player from Heat, Robinson, or whatever.

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