Royals Rumblings – New for June 23, 2022

Royals Rumblings – New for June 23, 2022

Salvador Perez missed Wednesday’s game with a thumb injury.

“As expected with him seeing doctors so far, we still want our boys to set their sights on everything,” said Royals manager Mike Matheny. “We’re still getting all the information and letting the doctors do their thing and figure out exactly what we’re looking at.”

Vahe Gregorian writes that, despite some setbacks, Dayton Moore deserves respect.

Let’s face it, though: unless and until things change abruptly, nothing Moore can say will be very reassuring.

That’s how it should be, really.

And while I’m curious to look at the development going on for the rest of the season and hope we’ll see real pull towards a better future, I can’t blame anyone who thinks otherwise.

But what I find strange, unwarranted and disturbing is the vitriol directed at the admirable Moore, particularly online.

Maybe it’s just the world we live in, but I don’t see why some make fun of him or are so quick to pounce on his words instead of his obvious points.

For example, at the JCC when he called this season “a necessary phase of what we have to go through” he obviously meant that this is a time of mounting pain … not that the Royals agree to lose, as I have seen some try to frame it.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown sums up Tuesday’s wild game and notes the Royals pitchers’ high walk rate.

Only 15 teams since 2000 (excluding 2020) have had a higher walk rate than the Royals at this time as a team. It is simply unacceptable. And while things have been better lately, five walks went around scoring in a game that took up to the 11th inning to make a decision. Mike Matheny is upset that the 13-man throwing staff (which, come on) is bad for the pitcher’s health. This is all the more reason why they need to find someone to guide pitchers who can help curb this epidemic.

Craig Brown of Into the Fountains thinks Bobby Witt Jr. is on his way.

Witt Jr. may not be in the Rookie of the Year conversation (at the moment), but he’s really starting his major league career very well. Entering the game on Tuesday, he had a 97 wRC +, a steadily rising number. Baseball Savant provides a nice visual on spin speed stats to illustrate how a player is performing relative to the league. Bob’s rolling wOBA chart shows how he found a comfort zone around the appearance of the 120 plate or so.

Zack Greinke will be activated from the injury list starting Friday.

Jeffrey Flanagan talks to Lorenzo Cain about a potential reunion.

MLB Pipeline adds Vinnie Pasquantino to the list of the 100 best potential customers.

Kevin O’Brien at the Royals Reporter wonders if Nate Eaton has a future with the Royals.

Kings of Kauffman’s Mark McCarthy looks back at the time the Royals traded Cecil Fielder.

Austin Hays becomes the sixth player in Orioles history to win the cycle.

The Guardians defeat the Twins to take first place.

In his 696th MLB game, David Robertson finally landed a plate appearance.

Who is the most irreplaceable player in the American League?

Clint Frazier will now be called Jackson Frazier.

Who are Cy Young’s choices for 2022?

Ken Rosenthal writes that the Tigers are a disaster due to their own failures.

MLB will allow teams to sell CBD sponsorships.

Stanford is eliminated from the College World Series.

The hottest teams for tonight’s NBA draft.

Trevor Lawrence didn’t really lose $ 15 million gambling with his cryptocurrency rookie bonus.

How CRISPR rice could help tackle climate change.

America has a hard time falling asleep.

Stranger things is wasting opportunities with the character of Lucas.

Your song of the day is Big Head Todd and the Monsters with Circle.

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