NBA teams believe Durant can be traded if Kyrie leaves Nets, according to the report

Again, the Networks they find themselves in a precarious situation with point guard Kyrie Irving. As the team and its enigmatic point guard attempt to find a way forward on a contract with the expiry of the looming player option, some NBA teams believe that if Irving walks or forces a trade, he could remove Kevin Durant from the franchise.

There are conflicting reports as to how hip-related Durant and Irving are, who joined Brooklyn at the same time in 2019. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, some teams are cheering for Irving to walk, in the possibility that Durant may become available for an exchange .

“There are teams cheering for Irving to give up and get away from the Nets, believing it would give them a chance to put together commercial packages to acquire Durant,” he reports. “As much as Durant asks about the Nets, there is also the reality that a four-year contract will mean that he has little, if any, say in when or where he would trade. This would be the dream of a team of small markets, to rob a goliath of an MVP-level talent whose contractual circumstances would leave him with little choice but to play for them. “


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