MLB Recap: The San Francisco Giants run out of time in the 7-6 defeat to the Atlanta Braves

I am writing to you from the bottom of the 2nd inning in the San Francisco Giants series finale against the Atlanta Braves. The first launch was almost an hour ago. I’m on the sofa picking up sushi from the supermarket. The bases are loaded. The Braves are already ahead 5-1. Alex Wood threw 30 pitches without registering an out, spending most of his time hitting his cleats in the hardened clay of the pitcher’s mound with mounting frustration. The cursor after the errant cursor is stuck in the dirt.

Update: Zach Littell raised Wood and earned two outs on two courts. Life is fun sometimes. Often cruel. I can only imagine the damage Alex Wood is doing to the visitor club right now.

3rd inning. Darin Ruf went ashore in the Giants’ third double game. Somehow San Francisco “surpassed” the Braves in these first innings: 6 out of 4 hits. All singles. All canceled after the normal balls on the ground to the central interiors. My sushi is finished. Mild acid reflux occurred. Or is it heartburn?

4th inning. Another double game. Dave Fleming, voice rising, notes that it’s not possible for a team to get more doubles played in four innings. The math controls.

My internet connection drops and the TV screen goes black. A necessary respite. I happily take my time to re-establish the wireless connection and reload the MLB TV app where I take a peek of the Dodgers-Reds score: 5 – 0 LA. Beautiful. The game returns and in my absence Dansby Swanson has scored another home run. Travis d’Arnaud promptly followed with a double. 7 – 1 Courageous. Freddo.

5th inning. Dansby is a terrible name. No offense to the Swanson family, it’s just a smell to me. I wonder if it was difficult for him as a kid growing up in Georgia. I guess he could sound better with a strong accent, a syrupy accent: Dans-ape. I bet a lot of guys called him Danny.

My dad wanted to call me Booker, but my mom, who is a school teacher, thought the kids would call me “Booger”. Thanks Mom. Oh look, Austin Slater scored a home run!

No double play this inning. You have to celebrate the small victories. What is the record for most entrenched doubles in a match?

Excuse me while I google this.

Ok I looked for it on Google. It appears that the record is 7 double reproductions. The Pittsburgh Pirates did it most recently in 2018 against the Chicago Cubs. They broke the record set in May 1969 by – get this – our San Francisco Giants! Here is the score of the box. Juan Marichal lost 3-1 to the Houston Astros. SF still “hit” the opponent 9 to 6. History is a wheel.

We’re going to 6th place, the Giants could possibly break that 7 GIDP record if they don’t miss an opportunity in their next four ups.

6th inning. The Giants just traded Steven Duggar with Rangers for Willie Calhoun. I suppose Duggar was the odd outfielder out with the surge Luis González and the imminent return of LaMonte Wade Jr.

Although Calhoun plays left, he is more of a designated hitter than anything else. His numbers aren’t the brightest, but there is some latent power in his club. He hit 21 home runs in 300 beats in 2019. Another matching card in Kapler’s hand for playing in high leverage situations.

Wait … things are actually happening for the Giants right now. Bases loaded. Thairo Estrada hits a ball on the ground that is too weak to be turned into a double play. Run inside. Hell yes.

The slap of La Stella along the left field line rises in the stands, forcing Estrada, who was first, to return to the third. Now mark 7 – 4. Is the game suddenly … close?

Bases loaded again with two outs. One shot could put the Giants on top annnnnnddddd … Yaz hits. Number four of the day. I hate seeing him sad. I once saw him play in Portland, Maine for Bowie Baysox’s double A in 2017. He played a carom with Portland’s mini Green Monster on the left and threw a runner into second place, just like his grandfather. His average has dropped since he shaved Zappa’s beard. Some things are too good to let go of.

Fund of the 6th. Bases loaded with one out. This could be the proverbial nail in the San Francisco coffin. The top of the lineup for the Braves had a day and Jarlín García was burned for his second inning of work. This is his mess to clean up with Brebbia, McGee and Rogers pitching last night. It is also a day of travel across the country with a game tomorrow. Kapler needs to keep the staff for the weekend streak against the Reds and I have a feeling Kap tacitly conceded that to Atlanta.

Winning or losing, San Francisco hasn’t had a relaxed match since a 6-2 win against Kansas City last Monday. There is probably something to be said about the Giants choosing not to burn themselves trying to get back into this game.

That said, Littell and García’s extensive and effective work with some running support made this game a lot more interesting than it originally was.

8th inning. Another advantage runner. Another single. Another single. The Giants are strangely a step away still from the draw of this game.

Strange. Slater was only three meters from the draw of this match. Single long RBI from the right field wall. 13 shots in total, one of 14 they scored in Tuesday’s 12-10 win.

Yaz up again in a big 2-out. Unfortunately he hasn’t regrown his mustache since he was at bat in 6th and flies into the center court quite deep. He left 6 runners on the base. This is now a 2 run game.

Sammy Long finished two closing innings. It takes away Wood’s exit in the second inning and the Giants have a good chance of winning this game. Or cancel last night’s 9, two bad innings. Sure, that’s not how life works … but like, what if it works?

9th inning. Joc Pederson takes a solo shot on the Chophouse patio to the right. This series would always end on his terms. He has his pearls.

The San Francisco Giants somehow came back in this ending and that only makes the loss worse. The most disappointing thing is that there were boulevards and alleys, walkways and interstates to win every game in this Atlanta series and they only came out with one.

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