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For years, every game of the Cardinals was televised in St. Louis. The vast majority were on what is now Bally Sports Midwest and the biggest task for fans was to occasionally switch to KTVI (Channel 2), ESPN, or FS1.

But those days are over, as Major League Baseball has been distributing the games to streaming-only services like Facebook and YouTube for the past few seasons. And on Friday night, the impact on the cards will be the biggest ever. The match against their biggest rival, the Chicago Cubs, will be broadcast exclusively on Apple TV +, which is streaming MLB doubleheaders this season. No BSM – or any other TV channel for that matter.

Anyone with a smart TV can watch, as can anyone with another device such as a smartphone, computer, etc., which is connected to Apple. There is no charge to watch, however an Apple account, with ID, is required to log in. (Further instructions below.)

It’s the most significant step for Cardinals fans in a trend that began in 2018, when Facebook exclusively streamed two of their games. Two were on YouTube in 2019, with two more only in 2021 (none were streamed exclusively in the 2020 season cut short by the pandemic).

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Prior to this year, the impact was relatively minimal for those who aren’t online savvy – all six affected contests were held on weekday afternoons.

It was more of a shock to some Cardinals fans this season when Apple and Peacock became MLB-exclusive streamers and some Night Cards games were selected for Apple’s Friday night exclusive doubleheader package. Until now, those were road races against the humble Reds and Pirates. And the Peacock solo match was an early Sunday away game against the Pirates.

It all ends Friday, when the series opening of the Cubs season’s only midsummer visit to St. Louis airs only on Apple TV +, with the first camp set for 7:15 pm (Apple’s other game for the evening is Detroit-Arizona, at 8:30 am.)

Baltimore Orioles announcer Melanie Newman plays play-by-play in St. Louis, with former big league players Chris Young and Yahoo Sports’ Hannah Keyser providing analysis. Brooke Fletcher of Bally Sports is the reporter.

It is unknown if the Cardinals will make another streaming-only appearance this season, but nothing is forthcoming. Apple’s schedule is set until July and they’re not. They are also not on Peacock’s list, which is in effect until September 4th. Peacock is showing contests starting at 11am on Sunday.

More games in series on BSM

Sinclair Broadcasting, owner of Bally Sports Midwest, is in the midst of a 15-year contract for the team’s regional television rights. Pay the Cardinals more than $ 1 billion for the duration of the deal, which runs until 2032

The deal allows around a dozen games to be shown exclusively by MLB national partners, so it could have been a lot worse for BSM this weekend, which represents one of the most watched series of the summer in an already strong season for BSM. He says his Cards audience has increased 19% from the same point last season.

Bally Sports Midwest may have lost the Saturday Cards-Cubs vs Fox contest, which shows games regionally over the air that night, and the ensuing game may have been picked up by ESPN for its “Sunday Night Baseball” offering. weekend.

But neither happened. So BSM has both, at 6:15 pm on Saturday and at 1:15 pm on Sunday. Dan McLaughlin, as usual, has play for play. Brad Thompson is the commentator on both TV shows, with Jim Hayes reporting and Scott Warmann as well as Ricky Horton in the studio. Horton will also be on the radio broadcasts of the games (KMOX, 1120 AM and the team network).

The MLB goes on

MLB officials know that the streaming-only policy has angered some fans. But Commissioner Rob Manfred, in this age where cable TV subscriptions are plummeting and streaming options rise in popularity, it appears that deals like those with Apple and Peacock are not only here to stay, but they will increase in the next few years.

“We are always sensitive to fan concerns; I understand the idea that, ‘I’m used to finding a game here and now it’s moved somewhere else,’ “he said in a press conference following the recent MLB owners meetings.” We would not have concluded either the Apple deal or the the Peacock deal if we hadn’t believed that experimenting with such partners on the digital side of the business was crucial to our long-term efforts to make games more available, more widely available, more widely available on a flexible basis in how consumers want to buy them. It’s a short-term problem designed to put us in a position to provide greater long-term access. “

Current streaming exclusive deals bring a boon to the league offices: $ 85 million a year from Apple, $ 30 million a year from Peacock, according to reports. Manfred called them “really important” elements in “a rapidly changing media environment.

“Having a relationship with Peacock and more generally with (Peacock’s parent company NBCUniversal) is important to us in the long run,” said Manfred. “Apple is an innovator and we need to be innovative in our efforts to deliver games to fans on platforms they use and visit frequently.”

The Apple-Peacock deals make the games they have available to fans in some remote areas where they would normally be barred from regional telecast under the MLB’s sometimes confusing geo-restriction policy. Apple and Peacock productions are treated like a national television broadcast on a regular television network, with no blackout areas.

“We are concerned about our reach,” Manfred said at that press conference. “We think we have fans who want to watch baseball who don’t feel they have an adequate opportunity to do so. There is a strong sense between ownership that … (we) should enter the digital space in particular to provide fans with more and more flexible opportunities to watch games. “

But in turn, it steals them from viewers who would normally receive them but won’t because they don’t want to, or don’t know how, to use streaming services. The immediate concern seems to turn to those off-market fans at the expense of regional cable networks and instead of reworking the territorial blackout rules.

“… It’s about giving fans who may be outside traditional cable packages an adequate opportunity to view our games,” Manfred said, adding that it is worrying that some would-be viewers “don’t have ample opportunity to see our games. to do it .”

Here’s how to access Friday’s Cardinals-Cubs telecast on Apple TV +, for Major League Baseball and Apple. Remember, you need an Apple account:

• Launch the Apple TV app and select the game directly from there.

• From the MLB.TV app, tap Apple TV + Game. You will be redirected to the Apple TV app (where available).

• Go to and sign in with – or create – an Apple ID.

Those who have never looked at Apple are advised to try to connect beforehand. The pre-match show starts at 6:30 pm

Further information on the connection is at:


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