Jurgen Klopp says emotional goodbye to Sadio Mane as he leaves Liverpool for Bayern Munich

Sadio Mane has won everything he could at Liverpool; the Premier League title, the Champions League, the Carabao Cup, the FA Cup, the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. As he completes his move to Bayern Munich, what has been an incredible chapter for him comes to a respectful end and manager Jurgen Klopp bids him an emotional goodbye as Liverpool say goodbye to one of their glittering heroes of recent times.

“It’s a great time. There is no point in someone trying to pretend otherwise. One of Liverpool’s greatest players ever is leaving and we have to recognize how significant that is, ”Klopp said, according to the Daily Mail.

Since joining Southampton in the summer of 2016, Mane has scored 120 goals for Liverpool out of a total of 269 appearances in all competitions, while also adding a total of 48 assists. He was one of the driving forces behind Liverpool’s nearly quadruple 2021/22 season, scoring 16 Premier League and 5 Champions League goals.

Easily a Merseyside fan favorite, Mane left Liverpool with a lot of respect and has personally said that he will always remain a Liverpool fan despite departing to go overseas. While most Liverpool fans will be shocked and saddened to see him leave, there is no bad blood there with the way he is leaving.

“He goes away with our gratitude and our love. He leaves with the guaranteed status of him among the greats. And, yes, he is leaving at a time when he is one of the best players in world football. But we don’t have to dwell on what we now lose, instead celebrate what we have been privileged to have. The goals he scored, the trophies he won; a legend, for sure, but also an icon of modern day Liverpool “, Klopp underlined.

Photo by OLI SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images

Klopp certainly has a reputation from his time in both the Bundesliga and Premier League for signing players and then making them exceptionally better, and Mane is a perfect example of that sentiment. When he was signed by Southampton, no one could have expected how effective he would be as a player for Liverpool, as Klopp recalled.

“Since he walked in the door for the first time, he has made us better. If someone had told us at that moment what he would have continued to contribute and achieve for this club, I’m not sure it would have been possible to understand at that moment. At least not its scope. Sadio made it all possible. Being so good over such an extended period and continually improving season after season, no matter how high they set their level in the previous one, is an example for any player anywhere on the planet that professionalism and dedication lead to reward, “Klopp explained. .

Finally, Klopp wished Mane the best, diplomatically refusing the opportunity to give his former Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich a dig since he was manager of Borussia Dortmund. “I fully respect his decision and I’m sure our fans do too. If you love LFC, you must love Sadio, non-negotiable. It is possible to do this while accepting that our loss is Bayern’s gain. We wish him nothing but success in every game he plays, unless, of course, he is against us. His star will continue to grow, I have no doubts, “he said.

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