– Ryan Wilson – Penguins and find the next Nichushkin

If we are talking about the Penguins acquiring a center in the top six or a high-level pair defender via a trade, that’s not a reasonable or likely thing to happen. They have the 29th ranked farm system and not many talents they can spare to move. I’m not in a good position. If you are talking about acquiring depth players via trading. It is certainly on the table. One way to stand out well in a rally is to target a team that is underestimating their numbers because the goals and assists don’t match.

I think there is an opportunity for the Penguins to target both a team and a player to make an improvement on the right side, while also finding a team that overestimates what the Penguins have to offer, the mid-range defenders.

The Edmonton Oilers are not a team known for their ability to fill the roster surrounding Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Their playoff run was solely on the shoulders of those two superstars. They recently tried to get the last piece of hockey off of Duncan Keith. They also have a wing named Jesse Puljujarvi on which they soured. He has scored 14 goals and 36 points in 65 games. His defensive metrics are high-end. He is a really good player of depth who has had problems with finishing. He looks a lot like a guy named Valeri Nichushkin before his change of scenery. Indeed, Puljujarvi has better numbers than Nichushkin’s at similar ages

Nichushkin was a rising star for Avalanche. She will get a lot of money for her next contract because of her playing her in Colorado. The cost of the acquisition was minimal and the reward is a probable Stanley Cup. Even if Puljujarvi doesn’t hit the highs Nichushkin has this season, the numbers below still give you a very responsible player with a greater advantage over what he should. be a very reasonable success. Puljujarvi is a pending RFA coming out of a 1.2 million cap hit.

I don’t respect the Edmonton front office. I think the game has long overtaken Ken Holland. They’ve done a terrible job helping McDavid and Draisaitl over the years. I think they are very likely to pass through Puljujarvi without getting the right value in return. I think it would be wise for the Penguins to start throwing names like Brian Dumoulin and Marcus Pettersson on them. Dumoulin has a modified no-trade clause that heads towards the final year of his deal. It’s a list of ten teams. I’m willing to bet Edmonton is on that list. If my memory is correct, Florida was on Patric Hornqvist’s no trade list and yet …

“This came up and caught me off guard because I had a no-move clause,” Hornqvist said Friday, according to Matt Vensel of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “But then I find out that Pittsburgh didn’t want me and Florida really does, and it was an easy choice for me and my family. I’m super excited to go over there and help them win some games.”

Dumoulin is the kind of player that Edmonton and its media would love. Multiple Stanley Cup champion that he plays on the top pair. He didn’t care about the warning signs with Duncan Keith. I’m not sure why they would have cared about them with Brian Dumoulin. If I told them they chose Pettersson or Dumoulin, I bet they would take Dumoulin.

Puljujarvi is the level of player the Penguins have the resources to trade with. You’re buying less than you normally would from a team that doesn’t really know what they have. These are ideal trading parameters. For a team like the Penguins with few solid options, this seems like a no-brainer to entertain even without knowing the fate of Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang.

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