DraftKings and FanDuel MLB picks for Wednesday 22/06/22

I don’t know if I’ve seen a wilder day of baseball than Tuesday. There were a lot of extra-inning games that kept me up all night. I’m happy to stay awake and watch late night baseball though, because I’m already a night owl! I’m excited to keep rolling here as my Angels stack went on a nice GPP run. With that in mind, let’s kick things off with the guy aiming the gum for the Halos here!

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Shohei OhtaniShohei Ohtani FD – P 10000 DK – SP 8500
Opponent – KC (Daniel Lynch) Park – THERE
FD – 39.48 DK – 21.57

Shohei went crazy with the bat on Tuesday, racking up a career record of eight RBI thanks to a couple of home runs. You already know this is one of the favorites for MVP because his arm is just as impressive as his club. The right-hander from Japan has a rate of 2.60 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, and 10.2 K / 9 in its last nine starts. This is pretty much the guy we’ve seen throughout his career, with Shohei launching a 3.47 and 1.14 WHIP ERA. All of which makes it hard to fade against Kansas City, with the Royals 26th in OPS, 27th in points scored and 25th in wOBA. This saw Ohtani enter this bout as a -210 favorite, with KC only projected 3.5 runs.

George KirbyGeorge Kirby FD – P 8800 DK – SP 6600
Opponent – OAK (Paul Blackburn) Park – OAK TREE
FD – 35.79 DK – 19.15

What is DraftKings thinking here? Kirby is expected to be an $ 8,000 player on both sites, and he only has $ 6,600 on DK. I don’t really know why this is the case as this rookie has a 3.56 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. It looks even better if you look at his control, hitting a rate of 41: 5K / BB this season. This is the guy we saw in minors, amassing a 2.34 and 1.03 WHIP ERA at that level. This is simply one of the best weapons in baseball and could be an ace for years to come. That would make it a worthy game against anyone, but Oakland ranks in the bottom three in points scored, OBP, OPS, wOBA, and xwOBA. That’s why he’s a -140 favorite in a game with a total of 7.5 runs.

Keegan Thompson (FD $ 6600 DK $ 7200) take on the Pirates and any formidable pitcher in front of Pittsburgh is at stake.

Catcher / First Base

Paul GoldschmidtPaul Goldschmidt FD – 1B 4100 DK – 1B 5400
Opponent – MIL (Eric Lauer) Park – MIL
FD – 11.65 DK – 8.83

Goldschmidt is the clear favorite for NL MVP at this point, and it’s scary how hot this dude is right now. The former Arizona All-Star has a .376 AVG, .446 OBP, .695 SLG and 1,141 OPS in his last 55 games. This is the best two-month stretch of any player all season and his divisions are even better. In fact, Goldy has a .458 OBP, .813 SLG, and 1.356 OPS with the platoon advantage in his favor this year. His career of he OPS against lefties is approaching 1,000 and here he is facing a lefty in trouble. Eric Lauer is taking the mount to Milwaukee, amassing a 5.81 and 1.59 WHIP ERA in his last five starts.

Ryan MountcastleRyan Mountcastle FD – 1B 3400 DK – 1B 3800
Opponent – WSH (Patrick Corbin) Park – BAL
FD – 10.99 DK – 8.39

If you haven’t been stacked against Patrick Corbin every time he takes the mound, you should find a different hobby. He was simply one of baseball’s worst guns this season and we will dive into the disastrous numbers of him later on. Let’s talk about Mountcastle, though, because he’s one of Baltimore’s future stallions. This powerful first base has a .269 AVG, .485 SLG and .804 OPS since he debuted. His numbers were expected to be even higher, and it’s only a matter of time before he hits with .900 OPS. His splits are a significant reason why, logging a .479 SLG and .833 OPS against lefties since the start of last season.

Willson Contreras (FD $ 3600 DK $ 4800) was baseball’s top catcher this season and should thrive against a blue-collar Jared Eickhoff.

Second base

Trevor's storyTrevor Story FD – 2B 3800 DK – 2B 5000
Opponent – DET (Tarik Skubal) Park – BOS
FD – 12.34 DK – 9.36

Story is one of baseball’s strongest hitters and could start a new winning streak. The hitting second-baseman has a success in five consecutive games, racking up two doubles, two homers, six points and six RBI in that interval. This is the stallion we saw in Colorado, with Trevor recording a .525 SLG and .853 OPS for his career. The reason we really like it here is that it takes on a lefty, with Story providing a .295 AVG, .373 OBP, .597 SLG, and .970 OPS against lefties from 2020. Skubal is undoubtedly a scary southpaw, but no one is safe in a place like Fenway Park against this formation.

Jazz Chisholm Jr.Jazz Chisholm Jr. FD – 2B 4000 DK – 2B 5300
Opponent – COL (Chad Kuhl) Park – MY
FD – 11.42 DK – 8.75

Jazz has become one of baseball’s best young players and it’s fun to see him work every night. The center winger has 13 homers and 11 steals this season, supported by .518 SLG and .831 OPS. That power-speed combo is one of the best around and we love it since he has a .553 SLG and .880 OPS in his last 13 games. Taking on Chad Kuhl is also intriguing, with the Rockies scoring 1.42 WHIPs in what has been a disappointing career. We like it because nearly all of Chisholm’s damage came against the right-handers, counting a .587 SLG and .931 OPS against them this year.


Javier BaezJavier Báez FD – SS 2800 DK – SS 4000
Opponent – BOS (Michael Wacha) Park – BOS
FD – 9.12 DK – 6.99

Baez is having the worst season of his career, but this price is getting ridiculous. This guy has earned an extra $ 1,000 on each site for most of his career, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets back to that player. We’re seeing flashes of it recently, entering this bout in the midst of a six-game winning streak. He also got six extra-base hits and two steals in that halftime, going back to the 25 homer and 15 steals guy we’ve grown accustomed to. All of which makes him good value for the future, and we certainly aren’t worried about him facing a pitcher who has an ERA of 4.62 and 1.38 WHIP since 2019.

Oneil CruzOneil Cruz FD – SS 2700 DK – SS 2700
Opponent – CHC (Keegan Thompson) Park – THE PIT
FD – 8.56 DK – 6.59

If you follow baseball closely, you will surely have heard of this guy who was called by the Pirates. In his first three innings with the Buccos, he set the season highs for this team in terms of hard hit rate, sprint speed and pitch speed. Some of these aren’t important to fantasy, but three hits and five RBI in the first two games show the kind of potential this guy has. Cruz had a .284 AVG, .503 SLG and .860 OPS in minors since 2018, averaging around 30 homers and 35 steals for every 160 games played. This will simply be one of the best baseball players for years to come, and these DFS sites clearly don’t get it from this ridiculous price tag. Keegan Thompson is also far from terrifying, with a career total of 1.33 WHIPs.

Third base

Nolan ArenadoNolan Arenado FD – 3B 3700 DK – 3B 5100
Opponent – MIL (Eric Lauer) Park – MIL
FD – 11.43 DK – 8.65

We’ve already talked about how much Lauer struggled and makes all these card clubs fascinating. Stacking Arenado and Goldschmidt is the way to go because these guys have hit the heart of this dangerous order. Much like Goldy, Nolan has slaughtered lefties throughout his career. In fact, Arenado has been flirting with a .550 SLG and .900 OPS against lefties since his days in Colorado. That’s all you can ask of a player in this price range, especially since Nolan has an OPS of .875 in his last 11 games.

Patrizia SapienzaPatrick Wisdom FD – 3B 2300 DK – 3B 3500
Opponent – PIT (Jerad Eickhoff) Park – THE PIT
FD – 9.37 DK – 7

Picking third base players was difficult on this list, but wisdom is one of the best values ​​on the scoreboard. This guy could be knocked out three times in a small league game, but in the other pot he hit a 450-foot ball. Patty Barrels has a .494 SLG, .256 ISO and .802 OPS since the start of last season. That power potential is unbelievable from such a cheap player, particularly in such a pristine match. Jared Eickhoff is making his debut for one of baseball’s worst pitching staff, pitching at 5.41 ERA and 1.52 WHIP since 2017. That makes the Cubs one of the more underhanded stacks on the board, and Patty would be a major piece of that, typically third in. joke.

External field

Mike TroutMike Trout FD – DI 4400 DK – DI 5900
Opponent – KC (Daniel Lynch) Park – THERE
FD – 17.12 DK – 12.67

Taylor WardTaylor Ward FD – DI 2900 DK – DI 4300
Opponent – KC (Daniel Lynch) Park – THERE
FD – 14.87 DK – 11.27

It’s absurd that we haven’t made it into this Angels stack yet because this bout lost 11 runs on Tuesday and has a tremendous match against Daniel Lynch. The southpaw of the Royals has a 5.19 ERA and 1.53 WHIP this year, which are sadly better than his career ERA and WHIP. Numbers like that make Los Angeles one of the best stacks on the board, with these right-handers looking like the best options.

Trout’s numbers speak for themselves, establishing himself as the best fantasy player of the last decade. He is also hot right now, racking up eight homers and 15 RBIs in his last 12 games. Not to mention that this year he has a .485 OBP, .685 SLG and 1,170 OPS against lefties.

Ward’s numbers aren’t too shabby either, releasing a .312 AVG, .409 OBP, .571 SLG, and .980 OPS in what was a successful campaign. He also has the platoon advantage from the right side and should be ahead of one of the higher formations on this list. Ward is the best value for money, but Trout is one of the best raw spots on the list.

Trey ManciniTrey Mancini FD – 1B 2900 DK – 1B / DI 3300
Opponent – WSH (Patrick Corbin) Park – BAL
FD – 10.44 DK – 7.98

Austin HaysAustin Hays FD – DI 3100 DK – DI 4100
Opponent – WSH (Patrick Corbin) Park – BAL
FD – 11.18 DK – 8.6

We foreshadowed Patrick Corbin’s pitiful numbers earlier, so let’s dive right in. The southpaw was one of the worst pitchers in the league, delivering a 6.59 ERA and 1.78 WHIP this season. This makes it difficult to understand why he’s still pitching, especially since he has a 5.75 and 1.56 WHIP ERA as of 2020. Hitting an economic offense against such a pitcher is a godsend, and Baltimore is a better offense than many. people might think.

Those two are one of the main reasons why, with Mancini keeping a .272 AVG, .467 SLG and .802 OPS for his career, while Hays has a .268 AVG, .457 SLG and .780 OPS since 2019. their divisions are even more impressive, with Trey scoring a .288 AVG, .493 SLG and .851 OPS against them since 2020, while Austin has amassed a .281 AVG, .503 SLG and .832 OPS in the same range. Good luck finding that kind of production from such cheap players in such a tasty matchup.

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