Detroit Pistons: Troy Weaver traded Jeram Grant for WHAT?

Aside from who the Detroit Pistons will pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft, the biggest thing on most minds has been Jerami Grant’s future. Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for came when the Pistons handed the striker over to the Portland Trail Blazers for a package that, well, received mixed reviews.

But first, the details from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

The Bucks pick is protected 1-4 and the deal includes Detroit acquiring the Portland Trail Blazers’ # 36 pick in Thursday’s NBA draft for the Blazers at # 46, as well as a 2025 second round pick that Detroit had had to. Portland, the sources said. The Pistons will also receive a 2026 second round pick from the Blazers, which will be the most favorable between Portland’s and the Pelicans of New Orleans‘.

That’s a lot to digest. Let’s figure out what happened and where we go from here.

1. So, Jerami Grant is finally on the move. What was your initial reaction?

Sean Corp: It’s finally over! The second reaction was more complicated. I wanted to see more value from Grant and he would have recovered more last offseason. But obviously the Pistons were observing that trade exception and the ability to ship Grant out without zealously taking anything in return. They wanted hood space. They better have a hood space plan. Also, if I were to rank for worst-case scenarios, I’d say 1. Extend grant, 2. Exchange grant for another mid-level veteran for long-term bad money, 3. Keep Grant as a deadline in the season, 4. What we’ve seen this evening. So … I’m fine. It’s over!

Laz Jackson: It looks low. But, according to The Athletic’s James Edwards III, this is the best formal offer Detroit has received for Jerami. I know number 7 was probably out of the question for Portland as soon as the lottery ended, but the Pistons MUST NOT trade Jerami for Portland (or not at all). I love that Detroit gets their 2nd round pick in 2025, I bet the Pistons have a player in mind at 36 who wouldn’t be available at 46 (Ismael Kamagate? Hometown hero Caleb Houstan? WinnerGuy Christian Braun? ), and there is always a 2% chance that Giannis will break a wrist or something and that the choice of 2025 is much better than we imagine. I just don’t like to rely on external possibilities to derive value from operations.

This is classic Detroit Troy Weaver though. On the one hand the asset game reports (I have to trade Jerami somewhere he wants to go instead of holding out until someone despairs when the music cuts out), one part values ​​his scouting acumen (Keegan Murray can do the 80% of what Jerami already does! And we can make it better than Jerami once we have it in the house!), A Crazy Like A Fox part (we could absolutely look up in September and the starting lineup is Cade, Bridges, Bey, Murray and Ayton, which is a .. very beautiful blend of youth, athleticism and skill).

Troy couldn’t even get Nassir Little here. Come on, come on.

Brady Fredericksen: Not great, Bob! I was disappointed, but I thought it was the Blazers’ choice in 2025. Then I realized it was the Dollars choose and go from confused to frustrated. I’m sure there’s a plan, but after sitting down and looking at it holistically, it’s still not great.

Ben Gulker: So, I guess Jerami Grant isn’t worth picking in the lottery then? I did not expect this.

Ben Quagliata: Initially it was the classic “is that all?” Taking a step back, I can’t evaluate this until we see what Weaver does with the protective space, whether it’s taking someone like Ayton, Brunson, Miles Bridges, or Collin Sexton into free will or using the space to absorb a villain. contract for goods.

Chris Daniels: I saw snippets on Twitter before I got to the real deal, so I was sure the impression I was getting was wrong.

2. How, if at all, does this exchange impact who Detroit selects with pick # 1? 5 Thursday?

Sean Corp: Not at all. They probably knew with 90% certainty that this deal with Portland was happening even before the lottery. They probably knew at last season’s trade deadline, as we all assumed. They would trade Jerami regardless and pick whomever they deem the best player regardless. Weaver is building his list using his “process”. Final grade to be defined.

Laz Jackson: Oh, hey, there’s fire behind all the Keegan Murray smoke that the Pistons beat writers observed.

Brady Fredericksen: God, I hope not. I think it’s still between Jaden Ivey, Keegan Murray and Bennedict Mathurin. There is absolutely no need to draft Murray because they traded Jerami. This team is far from a point where they should draft for location requirements. They need talent. The same logic applies to Ivey or Mathurin eating Killian Hayes minutes. Go get better players. I also think opening more minutes for Saddiq Bey at PF will help ease some of his defensive limitations.

Ben Gulker: It seems to affect free will more than draft, and draft comes first, so I don’t think much … unless there’s already another iron in the fire.

Ben Quagliata: I doubt it. The team is still too bad and young to let anything other than “best player available” be their draft strategy.

Chris Daniels: I would say no. Of course we all seemed certain that any Jerami swap prior to the draft guaranteed that we’d eat two apple bites with that sweet 2nd 1st rounder.

3. Detroit’s plan is still a little fuzzy from the outside, what does this move say about GM Troy Weaver and the Pistons’ plan this off-season?

Sean Corp: I think this means they will obviously try to sign Deandre Ayton, although that leaves me less confident they have a deal with the Suns, as that would probably have involved Grant. Now, it looks like they are ready to call the Phoenix bluff. Threaten to sign Ayton on an offer sheet and challenge him to confront a player who doesn’t want to be there. Or offer that Milwaukee 1st, Kelly Olynyk and say take it or leave it. This obviously isn’t the best deal the Suns would be offered for Ayton’s services, but if for some reason he’s bent on signing in Detroit, then maybe the Suns say yes and don’t risk a locker room with bad vibes.

If they match up anyway, then the Pistons should be willing to trade some of these over $ 40 million in cap space for some shoddy contracts and future resources with whichever team is foolish enough to sign Kyrie Irving. These resources are then simply folded into the evaluation of the value of the grant agreement. Right now it’s … C + to B-? The way this plan falls apart during this offseason could make Weaver look like a genius or an absolute idiot. Can’t wait to find out which one.

Laz Jackson: They are quite clearly (and from multiple reports, reportedly) will be hunting Ayton HARD. After that? I’m not so sure. Are they swinging for two big FA signings? Do they eat a D’Angelo Russell or a Danny Green? Are they trying to take an established young vet, the Jeram Grant Experience all over again? I do not know. All I know is that Captain Anthony Leotti has just become the biggest guy you haven’t heard of in Detroit.

Brady Fredericksen: He says they want limited space, either to do bad deals with attached assets or to spend on free agency. I am aware (a lot) that the cap space in Detroit is not the sexy attraction it is elsewhere. It’s not appealing to the high-level talent you want to spend on. It proved to be a way to overpay for mid-tier talent. That was a Dumars and SVG problem. Weaver will probably try to hunt big game for Ayton and Brunson. Does he take them? Great! I will happily eat the crow. I just don’t see two winning players, both in the process of making their prime, coming to Detroit.

Ben Gulker: I’m a bit stunned to be honest. I am not surprised that an exchange has taken place, but I am surprised that * this * exchange has taken place. I was hoping that Weaver would be patient this summer, but does that indicate that something bigger than I expected is going on? Fuzzy is the right word. I feel very uncertain.

Ben Quagliata: Well, see my answer for number 1. I think this exchange and the plan are in theory connected. If it works as expected, I guess we’ll see.

Chris Daniels: I was hoping now that we were going in the right direction and would see Weaver make some trades / moves with the dancer we would see coming. But then again, I like having a guy who looks a little crazy and makes you think (hoping?) That he keeps pulling things out of thin air like Jerami poaching.

As always, we want to hear from all of you in the comments, Spill your guts. Vent. Comment through it. After all, we still have the fucking draft to finish!

1. So, Jerami Grant is finally on the move. What was your initial reaction?

2. How, if at all, does this exchange impact who Detroit selects with pick # 1? 5 Thursday?

3. Detroit’s plan is still a little fuzzy from the outside, what does this move say about GM Troy Weaver and the Pistons’ plan this off-season?

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