Davidson finally decides to honor Steph Curry

/ Steph Curry is finally inducted into the Davidson Hall of Fame.

/ Steph Curry is finally inducted into the Davidson Hall of Fame.
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Steph Curry is not your normal everyday basketball player. What a nice hold on my part, right? Sparkling! I had to put my keyboard in an ice bath after typing those words. He is the greatest shooter of all time. He is arguably one of the top 10 players of all time and cemented his legacy with a fourth NBA title and first Finals MVP last week. He is also the second best actor in those NBA State Farm commercial. Respect for Chris Paul.

Steph Curry isn’t in the top 10 of all time … Or is he? | Weight

The thing is, Curry was all of these three years ago. Sure, his fourth NBA title and first Finals MVP add to his case for top-10 status, but even before that, Curry was still just outside, if not in, most people’s top 10 lists. . He was ranked 16th and up ESPN’s 75th anniversary team this year. Bleacher report ranked it 10th in 2019. Basically, he’s been considered a legend long before June 16, 2022. At least, that’s the case with everyone outside Davidson College, Curry’s alma mater.

Despite being the greatest shooter in the NBA ever, despite being the all-time leader in three points, despite having revolutionized the game of basketball, despite four titles, despite two MVPs (one of them unanimous), despite leading Davidson to the his best NCAA tournament since 1969, the North Carolina school had given Steph the cold shoulder since joining the NBA. Only now does Davidson honor one of his greatest athletes ever by placing him in the school’s Hall of Fame.

He’s also getting a mini graduation ceremony, and they’re pulling his jersey back, but it makes sense given the timing of Curry’s graduation (he finished his graduation in the spring of 2022), but how the hell he’s not a Hall of the School member of the Fama school? How?!

I mean, looking at the people who were introduced in the School Hall of Fame, I think it makes sense. The last student-athlete to be included was Brenna Burns Maddox, class of ’08. Curry left Davidson a year later. At that level, sure. Was it still too long in my opinion? Absolutely! He was the first ever (and he’s still the only one) Unanimous MVP. It was 2016! How did this not make Curry “Davidson Hall of Fame worthy” immediately? There were people who thought Curry was already an infallible NBA Hall of Famer when he accomplished that feat!

If the answer to any of these questions above is simply “not enough time has passed”. Sorry, I need something better. Presumably, you must be a Davidson graduate for the Hall of Fame. However, in their most recent pool of recruits, they included John Kilgo, who not only never played a sport for Davidson, but never went to school there in the first place. He is a historic figure in Davidson’s tradition as the school’s first sports information director, but he never graduated from college. That said, there has never been an athlete in Davidson’s history to be inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame without graduating from high school.

Curry is one of the most influential athletic figures of the 2010s. He changed the way children play basketball forever. You have changed the way NBA teams build their rosters. Hell! Only a quick Google search for “Davidson College’s Most Famous Alumni” gives you a result which ranks Curry as the best option ahead of former president Woodrow Wilson. HE IS A MORE FAMOUS ALUM THAN A FORMER PRESIDENT! Let it sink.

Curry is worthy of the Davidson Hall of Fame in name alone. Yes, it’s almost time for him to have his due. It was about a damn time five years ago!


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