Bungie Exposes Fraudulent DMCA Spammer as YouTuber of “Destiny 2”.

Earlier this spring, the Destiny 2 community was thrown into chaos when a wave of copyright infringement and DMCA removal notifications were sent to a wide variety of YouTubers, claiming to be from Bungie or a company. intellectual property that works with them, CSC. When bigger and bigger YouTubers started getting hit over material they didn’t seem to infringe in any way, Bungie came out and said it was all about Not them, and they were looking for those responsible. This led to a lawsuit aimed at exposing the person behind it all.

And they have. It’s a wild story.

MORE FROM FORBESSomeone is arming the DMCA against the creators of “Destiny 2” and Bungie itself

As presented in the new court documents today, it turns out that the person who devastated the Destiny 2 community was actually one of them. The lawsuit claims that a former Destiny 2 YouTuber named Lord Nazo, whose real name is revealed in the materials, was the one who sent in the removals. How come?


Apparently, Lord Nazo had previously uploaded a series of Destiny 2 music loops to his channel. He got involved in a wave of outright DMCA removals when Bungie and CSC searched for some channels like this. This was a fully controversial decision among the community at the time, but most of the time the videos could be deleted without further repercussions. Nazo refused to remove the video of him, and eventually YouTube deleted it for him. Then, he reloaded new music from The Witch Queen and got even more takedown notices. After 23 infractions, his channel was completely canceled.

From here, Nazo wanted revenge and, apparently, chaos. He has logged a number of CSC-based fake email accounts like JeffreyWilandCSC@gmail.com and started filing takedown notices against other YouTubers. Upon completion, Nazo would file 96 different takedown notices against his fellow creators, authorized by what Bungie calls a “loophole,” the fact that YouTube allows anyone to file complaints like this despite no proven authority for the person to make the deposit is in fact the legitimate owner of the content.

And as revealed by Nazo’s former friends, all this time he has been on Discord, talking about the situation, complaining about how easy it was to spam fake takedown notices and effectively describing exactly what he was actually doing behind the scenes:

Then, Nazo tried to pass it off as maybe his even the takedowns (the legitimate ones) stemmed from being involved in this clearly fraudulent wave and should be reinstated, making a lengthy appeal to YouTube talking about the situation he himself was orchestrating. His channel has not been restored.

Now, Nazo has been sued by Bungie for $ 7.6 million in damages, citing both legal fees and Bungie’s reputational damage, as for a time everyone believed they were the DMCA spree against. your community. The rest of the document details the steps that were taken to unmask Nazo, how to link his YouTube and Reddit accounts and real name, along with the IP used to create and use those fake CSC email addresses. Hilariously, the names and addresses he used also appeared in a cheat site database from one of Bungie’s previous lawsuits, implying that he was also cheating within Destiny 2 itself.

Less hilarious is what is likely to happen to Nazo now, taken to court and learning the hard way that you can’t just go around threatening the livelihoods of dozens of creators and hurting a billion dollar company without consequences.

I think a major aspect of this whole situation is YouTube itself, whose foolish policies allow this type of DMCA spam from literally anyone who holds a grudge, and that’s exactly what happened here. But Bungie hasn’t sued YouTube, and there’s no sign that this system will ever change, as it’s been a long-standing issue on the service.

We’ll see what happens next, but it won’t be any good for Nazo.

Update: Lord Nazo posted a lengthy post on reddit, now deleted, blaming Bungie for the eliminations and describing how they could be illegitimate at the height of their own execution of this fraudulent plot:

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