Blackmagic Design Sneak Attack strikes again: discover the new BMPCC 6K G2

In the wake of the broadcast camera update, Blackmagic Design is now releasing the next iteration of the BMPCC 6K.

Blackmagic Design isn’t known for much hype when it releases updates to its hardware. The release of the URSA Mini 12K Pro also received the same nonchalant delivery, a powerful move that Grant Petty has become famous for.

Today, Petty is back in the spotlight to announce the BMPCC 6K G2, the second generation of BMD’s popular 6K Pocket line (along with a very interesting software update). But what are the news for the G2? Is it worth the upgrade? Have you already reached your credit card?

Before we do that, let’s find out what you are getting.

Pro Body, semi-professional features

From what I see, the BMPCC 6K G2 is pretty much the same camera as the BMPCC 6K Pro, but with one piece missing.

The internal ND filters. That’s all. They are gone.

The current lineupCredit: Blackmagic design

Other than that, you’re getting a full blown 6K Pro with all the bells and whistles. Tilting screen, Gen 5 color science from URSA Mini 12K, Super 35 6K sensor, Sony NP-F570 battery and EVF Pro mount. All for around $ 500 less than the current Pro model.

Good. You’re all into it. Thanks for reading.

But why?

Oh, you’re still here. Well, I asked the same question myself. Why not give up for the BMPCC 6K Pro and be done with it? Are internal ND filters really that important?

According to Petty, some people don’t like them and prefer to use opaque boxes or screw filters.

But from where I’m sitting, the lack of internal ND is interesting for a reason.

Swap the lens mount. Especially at ARRI PL.

Although the wooden camera has a PL mount mode for 6K and 6K Pro, there are limitations on the lenses you can use. In the 6K G2, modders could, in theory, produce a mount that would accept a wider range of lenses. Additionally, LucAdapters’ Magic Booster P6K is now officially usable again, giving you the option to get a full frame Pocket 6K Pro.

LucAdapter Magic Booster P6K Static
Magic Booster P6K StaticCredit: LucAdapter

The BMPCC 6K G2 isn’t really a camera to upgrade to, especially if you already own a first generation 4K or 6K. But it’s the perfect camera to switch to if you’re just getting into the BMD ecosystem.

It seems Blackmagic Design isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. The 6K needed a makeover to get back in line with the evolutions of the 6K Pro. The G2 does just that.

But the star of the show from today’s announcement isn’t about the cameras.

Camera software update 7.9

The new software update comes out today for all four Pocket cameras. The BMPCC 4K and all three 6K models. And it’s packed with some great features.

To get started, there are some interesting tweaks and redesigns to the UI. There is a slider to adjust the intensity of the focus assist for compatible lenses. You can now choose between SD and SSD recording via the menu. Frame guides now have color options and improvements have been made to lens control and autofocus. Also, any future software updates after this won’t delete your custom presets or LUTs, which is good.

However, Petty held out on us. Apparently, all Pocket cameras have a super secret feature. They have a built-in gyro sensor.

With this new software update, sensor data can be recorded in the BRAW file and then used in DaVinci Resolve to stabilize the footage. And it looks damn good. The camera stores motion data as a metadata track in the BRAW file, which can then be stabilized in Resolve using BMD’s AI-based algorithm. While other companies have had this capability in some way (looking at you, Sony), it’s nice to see that BMD supports multiple generations of cameras with this feature.

Yes, all current generation Pocket cameras will have this feature enabled. Although you will have to wait for Resolve to get the software update the next day or so.

Where, when and how much?

B&H or the BMD website, now, it’s free or $ 1,995.

As always, the software update is free and available right now. So jump on it if you have a pocket camera. The BMPCC 6K G2 is also available right now for pre-order and replaces the first generation 6K for $ 1,995.

If you’re already part of the Pocket family, perhaps skip this update, as you already have most of the features. But if you’re a creative thinking about switching to BMD, the new BMPCC 6K G2 has some nice upgrades over the original that should sweeten the plate a little more.

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