Best (and worst) NBA Draft scenarios for the Pelicans

The NBA Draft is tonight (ESPN @ 19:00). Some of us will join the rest of The Pels 12 at the Mid-City Yacht Club. But first, we’ve got some of our staff to answer three pressing questions. Worst and Best Scenarios for the New Orleans Pelicans later tonight, as well as making a prediction.

What is the worst-case scenario for Pelicans on draft night?

Kevin Barrios: I’m trying to figure out what would actually be the worst version of this terrifying idea that I even hate spreading around the universe: Daniels, Mathurin and Sochan are all out of the way or one or two of them are available at 8, but the Pelicans decide to do as much instead of drafting in point 8 follows:

Pels trades 8, Jaxson Hayes, Kira Lewis and Garrett Temple with the Houston Rockets for Eric Gordon, 17 and 2 future seconds. I think it could be worse if one or two of those three guys are available and show us Eric Gordon holding our shirt again.

Charlie Gonzalez: The worst case scenario here is ALSO a trade back, where David Griffin overestimates recent years’ success in drafting Trey Murphy at 17. The Pelicans were absurdly lucky to land Murphy after falling back 7 places. My concern is that Griffin feels the need to maximize the value of this choice and try to play the system in his favor once again. A similar deal this year would mean exiting the lottery in Charlotte or Atlanta, likely to dump Devonte ‘Graham and his contract, and recover something hopefully useful but end up not being able to draft one of the best players in this class.

David Fisher: The Pelicans return but do NOT descend from Devonte ‘Graham and therefore do not enlist Jeremy Sochan. Kevin’s scenario is a symptom of a sick and depraved mind and needs professional help.

What is the best scenario for the Pelicans during the night of draft?

Kevin Barrios: The best scenario would be for the Kings to take Murray and then the Pelicans to be able to trade with Detroit that looks something like 8, Hayes, Kira and a protected future 1st for 5 where the Pelicans enlist Jaden Ivey. Not only is Ivey my favorite player (not necessarily the one I think is the best, but who is my favorite to watch) in the draft, but they also get that pick after Sacramento guarantees you’ve picked a great basketball player.

Charlie Gonzalez: The best scenario for me is a theorized return exchange to Washington or Oklahoma City and come away with one of Lu Dort or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and draw Jeremy Sochan, Mark Williams or Jalen Duren.

Personally, I really like the big three men as targets of the project and I believe they could have long-term matches on this roster. Adding a veteran wing like KCP or Dort in the process would be an immediate plus for this roster, it’s flexibility and versatility. Being able to have a quarter bench from Jose Alvarado, Trey Murphy, Larry Nance and whichever winger they swap provides so many different lineups for Willie Green and the staff to play with. Ideally, this exchange would send Devonte ‘Graham, Jaxson Hayes and Garrett Temple to clear the roster and allow a choice as one of the big names to take their time in development.

David Fisher: Dyson Daniels is available when the Pelicans are at work and the entire New Orleans front office celebrates when they get their number one boyfriend.

What’s your prediction for the Pelicans on draft night?

Kevin Barrios: I believe Dyson Daniels and Bennedict Mathurin will both be chosen before the eighth pick. From what I’ve heard, the Pelicans front office is in love with Daniels and Ousmane Dieng. I’m not that high with Dieng, although it appears to be a similar replica to Dyson Daniels’ Multiplicity (the level of degradation is in the eye of the beholder and will likely be revealed in our future) (my top pick at 8).

I think the Pels like Sochan enough to risk sliding down two places to 10 in hopes of grabbing Dieng as they also get off Graham to get KCP knowing they’d be happy with Jeremy Sochan’s (who actually prefer Dieng’s) consulting award if Dieng there is no more. I wouldn’t be ecstatic that the result was Dieng, but find a solid player to improve Graham’s place in the rotation and have what I consider the rebirth of Daniels’ Pet Cemetary (sic) as a potential home runner or 6th man for Shanxi Loongs 3 years in is something I can digest. However, I definitely need a solid vet to make up for the tartare that is Dieng.

Charlie Gonzalez: I believe the Pelicans will try to get as creative as possible to get out of Devonte Graham and bring in future resources … but when choice # 1 comes. 8, my gut says that Dyson Daniels will be available and that New Orleans won’t think too much about that. There are more variables this year than any other draft in recent memory, everything seems volatile and pending. However, I think the end result, at least for New Orleans, will be the simplest and we will have a great new perspective for this roster in Australia’s Dyson Daniels.

David Fisher: Dyson Daniels is there at 8 and is a pelican. We all breathe a sigh of relief.

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