Pokémon Go Fest 2022 leaves Professor Willow missing in action

This year’s Go Fest, Pokémon Go’s annual summer weekend extravaganza, rocked the game with the introduction of a new mythical creature, the arrival of the franchise’s extra-dimensional Ultra Beasts, and the apparent (albeit likely temporary) loss of everyone’s favorite hunk professor, Willow. Willow’s disappearance, a surprise twist to the game’s second day, means the game … Read more

In the world of Plug Leon: personal shopper of the biggest names in football

“If you feel good about getting into the game, wearing Chanel sneakers with the Goyard or Louis Vuitton wash bag, you will play better. It’s that simple, man. If you are well, you feel well and you will play well ”. Leon Gissing is a personal shopper, stylist and friend of some of the biggest … Read more

“Stop and think” metacognitive training shows promise in improving emotion regulation among depressed patients

Cognitive training interventions appear to improve aspects of emotion regulation among patients with major depression, according to new research published in Research and behavioral therapy. Although the emotional balance of major depressive disorder is well known, the condition is also associated with various cognitive deficits, including problems with memory, processing speed, attention, and executive functioning. … Read more

Obesity could be the result of your body chemistry

Clemson University scientists are making progress in understanding the link between specific enzymes that are naturally generated in the body and their involvement in the management of obesity and the control of liver disease. Scientists are studying the connections between obesity, age and body chemistry. Obesity is described as an abnormal or excessive accumulation of … Read more