Alabama’s Bryce Young has an aspect that should be about college football

Bryce Young got the look.

His father, Craig Young, knows this well. He has already seen it. In fact, several times in the life of the Alabama football quarterback. And it’s back this off season.

“I can see that look in his eyes where he was so motivated,” said Craig.

He has appeared whenever Young has spent an off-season day span throwing, training, and lifting. Don’t travel or take a lot of free time. Just working.

“I’ve seen that in him before,” Craig said. “And I know what that means.”

Craig saw it in 2016, when his son was aiming to beat the current upper-class holder even though Young would only have been a high school freshman. The two quarterbacks ended up sharing time that year.

November 6, 2021;  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA;  Alabama quarterback Bryce Young (9) works to focus before the LSU game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Then there was 2019. After throwing 39 junior touchdowns en route to all-state recognition, Young pushed for further improvement. He ended up throwing 58 touchdowns and running 10 in his senior year.

The look appeared again in 2021 when Young tried to take advantage of Alabama’s open quarterback spot. He ended up winning the Heisman Trophy.

“This,” said Craig, “looks very familiar in those days.”

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