5 Eating Habits That Make You Age Faster, Dietitians Say: Eat This, Not That

Aging is an inevitable factor in life. One day we are wrinkle free and pain free jumping, and somewhere along the way, our skin can start not looking young anymore and our knees can start creaking when we take a simple run.

There are no foolproof ways to prevent aging, but there are some things you could do that are speeding up the aging process, whether you know it or not.

If you are one who embraces the aging process and looks at wrinkles and looser skin as a badge of honor or a sign of a life well lived, then more power for you. But if you’re of the school of thought that you need to take steps to battle father’s time and do your part to maintain a youthful appearance, healthy joints, and even a longer life, read on to learn five eating habits that are aging you the most. fast, according to registered dieticians, and for more information on how to eat healthy, don’t miss out on the best No. 1 to drink every day, says science.


“Not eating enough protein can age a person faster,” he explains Anya Rosen, MS, RDN, LD, adding that dietary protein helps maintain lean body mass. As such, loss of muscle mass as we age, also known as sarcopenia, “contributes to chronic injury and disease.”

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Of course, eating sweets and treats is absolutely a delight. But overdoing the sugar can play a role in aging faster.

“Eating a high-sugar diet can age faster,” the dietician recorded Kathryn Piper, RDN, LD explains. He adds that this eating habit can “cause elevated blood glucose levels, which can stimulate the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs).”

Piper shares that these AGEs cause “collagen damage,” which can increase fine lines and wrinkles. “Sun exposure accelerates this process and adds to an individual’s signs of aging.”

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Fiber is important for maintaining regular bowel movements and promoting satiety. And second Jeanette Kimszal, RDN, NLC, not eating adequate fiber “can increase aging”. He shares that fiber “is associated with a lower risk of disease and eating it has also been linked to improved inflammation and gut health.” These factors “have been associated with longevity”.

He also adds that “fiber intake itself has been high among people who have aged successfully.”


Eating bacon, sausage, and meat for lunch may taste great, but eating them often won’t do your body any favors in the aging department. The World Health Organization has classified processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen, which means that eating these foods is linked to an increased risk of cancer.

And since many of these foods are high in sodium, eating too much sodium can be linked to cellular aging.

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Sweet potatoes, carrots, and winter squash all contain beta carotene, a carotenoid that offers some unique health benefits.

Carotenoids, such as beta carotene, accumulate in our outermost layer of the skin and act as a protective barrier against ultraviolet radiation. Eating foods with beta carotene helps improve skin aging by supporting skin elasticity and hydration, ultimately reducing the development of wrinkles and age spots. The data also shows that including adequate amounts of beta carotene in the diet can help protect the skin from UV damage.

Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD, CLEC

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