21/22 seasons in review – Drew Doughty

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We talked about goalkeepers and forwards, some via individual articles and others via groups at the start of the off-season. Now let’s move on to the defenders, starting with number one in the backend in Drew Doughty. Normally, a player with Doughty injuries this season would fall into a group rating, but Drew Doughty is Drew Doughty and the midseason he has played has been one of his best of him when he foresaw over 82 games. He deserves a longer look, which we have below!

Drew Doughty
Statline NHL – 39 games played, 7 goals, 24 assists, +4 ratings, 30 minutes of penalty
NHL playoff statistics – N / A
Possession metrics (related to kings) – CF% –58.8% (+ 3.5%), SCF – 58.3% (+ 2.2%), HDCF – 55.1% (+ 0.2%)

Doughty’s season on many levels has been exceptional in the portions he has played. In some metrics, Doughty’s metrics mirrored those of the seasons in which he competed for the Norris Trophy while he ranked among the league leaders while he was in action. He was through and through the number one defender the Kings know they have locked in under contract and he has produced the level a player needs in that role. Doughty also hit the 1000-game milestone this season, joining his longtime teammates Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown to reach that career milestone.

“The thousandth game was a special night,” said Todd McLellan. “Hard place to play, on the road, long road trip, I thought it was a bit of a motivating factor for our group, they wanted to play well for Drew that night. We got the results we needed, the guys had fun, he was a good team builder, so a lot of positives came out. For Drew himself, we talked a lot about his thousandth game and what it means to him as an individual, us as an organization and with time he is improving. This is really a good thing for us and for him as an individual. “

Upward trend – It’s been a short season for Doughty, so you can’t just compare rates from 39 games played to rates from 82 games played like apples to apples. But, if you were to make that comparison, you’d find Doughty’s totals across the board were the highest of his NHL career when he looks at all situations. Total assists, shots and points on base / 60 were his highest career totals, while goals and early assists were the top three in terms of career rates. Individual scoring chances and high-risk chances were also at his highest career rate. From an offensive point of view, you couldn’t ask for more from Doughty’s season, which featured 65 points in 82 games.

Looking at Doughty’s duo with Mikey Anderson, the pair finished second in the NHL in CF%, second in SCF%, and sixth in the NHL in HDCF%, accounting for pairings with at least 500 minutes along with 5 on 5. was best at suppressing shot attempts, with the Doughty / Anderson duo leading the league with the fewest shot attempts against a base per / 60. All of this came with the pair playing tough minutes against top talent from opposing teams, with Doughty’s most frequent forwards being front-row talent. Another solid season from the team’s leading defensive pair.

It is also worth repeating that Doughty has reached the milestone of 1,000 games this season, even though he was slightly dismissed due to his injury earlier in the season. Doughty became the first player in the 2008 Draft Class to play in 1,000 games and did so with an average of more than 26 player minutes per game. Doughty only skipped 38 games in total on his journey to 1,000, a statement of skill and durability. A great milestone for one of the most decorated players in the organization, with a few more years and contributions still to come.

Downward trend – If availability is the most important skill then, for the first time in his career, Doughty was unavailable more than he was available. Not exactly something he could control, but Doughty missed over a month due to a bruised right knee earlier in the season and missed the last two months of the season, as well as the entire postseason, with a tendon tear. of the wrist, suffered in Boston in early March. Doughty was definitely missed against Edmonton in the playoffs, even though he was killing him more than anyone not being out there. A good state of health is the first step towards autumn.

If there’s one metric that stands out when it comes to Doughty this season in a downtrend capability it’s the number of high-risk goals the Kings conceded with him on the ice. At 1.76 on a / 60 basis, it was the highest rate of Doughty’s career by a fairly wide margin, even though the Kings controlled over 55% of the chances of high danger with Doughty on ice. An on-ice save rate of less than .900 at 5v5 led to a career low PDO of .972, something that indicates an upward regression when you see how strong his other metrics were.

Status 2022-23 – There is no doubt about Doughty’s role in next season, the number one defender. Doughty is under contract for the next five seasons with a record $ 11 million, so in that area he’s rinse and repeat.

Doughty’s performance last season was at the level of an elite number one defender. The only thing that could derail his spot at the start of the season could be an injury, even if all internal expectations have the blue line veteran set to go to retirement in September. Without knowing the makeup of those around him, it’s hard to know if Doughty will team up with Mikey Anderson yet again, or perhaps another player, but regardless of who will line up to his left, Doughty is a staple on the right side of that first couple, as well as a fundamental part of the special teams in all situations.

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