2022 NHL Profile Draft: Matthew Savoie

Brent Flahr joked that he hopes the Flyers don’t touch that much again for a long time.

However, Flahr and his amateur scouting staff are confident of landing a really good player in the top five of the 2022 NHL draft.

“Yes, I think we have looked at the players who we believe to be the top five and we have looked at different scenarios of what we think the teams in front of us will take. There are still some unknowns, though,” Flahr said on June 10 in an ‘ telephone interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia. “But I think we are happy with the number of different players in the position, probably even a couple more. Depending on how it falls, maybe you will trade a couple of points too or try to trade. We will see how it goes.”

After a 25-46-11 season, the Flyers rank fifth overall in this year’s draft, which will be held July 7-8 at the Bell Center in Montreal. Flyers have six total selections. Round one starts at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, while rounds 2-7 follow on Friday starting at 11 a.m. ET.

“I think it’s been well documented, there’s no Connor McDavids in the draft or anything. But there’s some depth at the start of the draft,” Flahr said. “There are different positions: there are some central, there are a couple of right-wing defenders with skill and size, there are a couple of right-wing scoring, there is a powerful winger.

“There are some interesting players in the beginning. I think it will be a really interesting first round. … It will be surprising, I think of a lot of people, I think there could be a lot of surprises at the start of this draft.”

Until July 7-8, we are breaking down the project objectives for Flyers to number 5.


Matteo Savoia

Position: Center / wing

Height: 5 feet-9

Weight: 170

Shoot: right

Squad: Winnipeg ICE

Scouting report

The Flyers saw Savoie and his ICE team in a group this season. Winnipeg featured former Flyers prospect Connor McClennon and two potential top-10 picks in Savoie and Conor Geekie.

Savoie is a smaller striker but a great skater with revolutionary skills. TSN’s Bob McKenzie called him the fourth best player of the draft in January, as did The Athletic’s Scott Wheeler earlier this month.

“There isn’t a player in this draft class whose game is more thrilling than Savoie’s when he shoots,” Wheeler wrote. “Inside the offensive zone, he is lethal.”

The 18-year-old led ICE with 90 points (35 goals, 55 assists) in 65 games and finished with the third best plus-minus WHL score at plus-54. He was limited to 10 games in the playoffs due to a shoulder injury, but still amassed 12 points (six goals, six assists) and a score of over-13.

Some will have questions about its size. According to various draft experts, it could go anywhere between fourth and twelfth choice.

Fit with flyers

As the Flyers try to aggressively regroup, CEO Chuck Fletcher noted the need for more talent to be organized.

“Partly we have to get younger, we have to have more talent, we have to get faster,” Fletcher said on 3 May.

Savoie, being one of the most talented players in this draft, would help ignite that initiative.

An important aspect of the Flyer talent shortage is the organization’s lack of elite scoring threats. Even in 2019-20, when the club came to a victory before the eastern final, they were balanced in attack but not dynamic.

Draft Savoie and the Flyers would drop the top six scores to the upside in their pool of prospects.

It’s hard to tell if you project more like an NHL-level center or winger. Downtown, of course, is a prime location and the Flyers haven’t taken many pins in the past three years.

Savoie’s size will be a justifiable concern, but his speed and scoring ability could meet some of the needs in the Flyer system.

Zachary Peters / Winnipeg ICE

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